Star Wars Valentine with Glow Stick Tutorial

I love putting together photo cards for any occasion – and Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to do something a little fun and silly. I wanted to have my son give his Kindergarten class a little something, but wasn’t sure if candy would be allowed or appreciated, so I chose the next-best-thing – glow sticks.

After some serious Pinspiration-seeking, I really liked this tutorial by Stitch Craft on making a Star Wars photo card that makes it look like the kid is holding a light sabre.  She had the genius idea of having the child hold a flashlight in the photo, which ends up looking like the handle of the light sabre after the glow stick is added.

Of course, we have a few Star Wars costumes. The clones may not have light sabres, but it was fun for my son to be “in character” so we went with it. I photographed my son wielding his imaginary light sabre and selected a shot where the angle of the “beam” was such that it would not have the light beam actually crossing his face.

Then, I laid out an 8.5×11 page in Photoshop to be cut into 3 identical Valentines (keep in mind that the cards have to be somewhat tall because the glow stick bracelets are 8″ long.)  Then I put his image on a pure white background at the bottom. I used the free Star Jedi font to write “May the Force be With You This Valentine’s Day”, and left a place at the top for my son to write his classmates’ names.  I printed them on card stock and gave my son the stack to write the kids’ names on.

I cut the page into the 3 individual Valentines. To complete the cards, I punched a couple of small holes in the card at the top of the flashlight so I could thread the glow stick through without having to bend it to aggressively and accidentally activate it (learned that the hard way – good thing I got a 100-pack!). I used a piece of tape on the back of the card to secure the glow stick into place, and put a connector on the end of the stick on the back side, in case the recipient wanted to turn it into a bracelet.

I bought Wonder Glow Stick Bracelets from Amazon – they had the best reviews for glowing brightly and arriving in good condition. The boys got green and orange sticks, and I used the pink ones (which glow purple) for the girls. I put the Valentines in a box for my son to transport them to school, so they wouldn’t accidentally get activated on the way… but to be extra-safe, I put a few extras in the box too.

Here is the end result!  Pin it for next year 🙂

Star Wars Valentine

We set off several sticks during this process, so what did we do with the “testers” from tonight? Put them in the bath with the kids and turned out the lights! Getting clean by the neon glow of mini light sabres was super fun for my 3 and 5 year old! The 1 year old wasn’t a big fan, but he will be in the future, I’m sure. 🙂  May the Force be with YOU this Valentine’s Day!!

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