Attorney Headshots

I love creating polished headshots for all kinds of professional people. This session for an attorney was fantastic because we were able to do some images in my studio and some outdoors. I love the final image she chose, and am happy that she gave me permission to share her bio with you, too.  See below!

Maryam Franzella

Maryam Franzella is an experienced attorney admitted to practice in New York who runs her own practice based out of Garden City, NY.  She represents clients in a variety of matters such as employment discrimination actions, contract disputes, banking disputes, litigation, drafting agreements, preparing legal documents and much more.  With a background that includes a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School and numerous years litigating for one of Long Island’s most prominent law firms, Maryam started her own practice in order to apply her knowledge and experience to helping individuals, families and companies in the New York metro area at affordable rates.

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