Lego Valentines

Everything *is* awesome when you can give the kids in your child’s class a Valentine that is 1) home made, 2) features a cute picture of your child, and 3) is candy-free.

Lego Valentine

Last year, I had a great time making these Valentines for my boys. First, the kids constructed a heart using Lego Duplos and I photographed them holding it. Then, I created a printable bag-topper using their photos and a Lego font. The front read, “You’ve got a piece of my heart… please don’t Lego” and the back said “Everything is Awesome, including you, {name}. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Finally, we made Lego-shaped crayons using a silicon mold (got mine on Amazon). That project was a blast! You break up crayons, put them in the silicon mold, and place it in the oven. The wax melts and fills in the shape. After removing from the oven, you let the wax harden (a short visit to the freezer helps) and then pop out your Lego and minifigure shaped crayons.  The kids put 3 crayons into each small cellophane bag and addressed the cards to their classmates. I folded the cards and stapled them across the top of the bag to seal them.

From my Lego-addicts to yours… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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