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Little Sister

I love watching families I’ve photographed grow! This baby girl was eagerly anticipated by her older brother.

princess M-1

She looks as lovely in neutral tones as she does in the rich jewel tone above.


I love his excited and happy expressions!

Big brother-2

Here he seems to take his role of protector quite seriously.

Big brother-1


Pumpkin Patch

It wouldn’t be Halloween at Chickadee Photography without a baby in the pumpkin patch!  This photo seems to be requested each October.  I love doing it!


Halloween Baby

Sibling Love

I so so looking forward to this session!  Not only is this little baby boy so adorable, his big sister was so proud and happy to take pictures with him. They are dear friends of ours, so I have many more snuggles to look forward to.







For this session, I wanted to capture some really simple portraits that showcase this baby boy’s handsome face and amazing lashes!  bw



blue bonnet


I was so excited to see this little guy again and see how he’s changed from his newborn session. He was just as I expected: huge, adorable and full of personality.


Jolly sled

baby boy ready for Christmas, in portraits by Chickadee Photography


He looks very excited for his first Christmas 🙂   I hope it is as jolly as you are, little man!

Tough Girl

I loved every minute of this amazing session. Here are a few favorites!

Who is getting ready for Halloween?  This little one is all set for a day at the pumpkin patch.


I love the beautiful simplicity of the creamy tones in this image.

Creamy Dreamy-1

How fun is this ladybug set? The mom brought it and made this sweet girl as snug as a bug!


Lastly, I was so excited when the Dad wanted to incorporate his boxing gloves. I love how tiny and delicate she looks compared to the big and tough gloves. One thing is sure: she’ll be well protected!


Enjoy your newborn portraits and I look forward to seeing this little fighter as she grows up!


I was really looking forward to this shoot, first and foremost because I just love photographing babies, but also because I was very intrigued by the mom’s job title that was in her email signature… Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author and Gratitude Expert.

It was the Gratitude Expert part that really caught my eye.  I’ve recently done a lot of reading about happiness, and one of the key elements is to truly be grateful for everything you have in your life, every day.  I’d recently read books like The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret) and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, so I had to take care not to bombard my client with questions the moment she arrived.  After all, our meeting was about photographing her precious baby. But then I realized it was perfectly on topic, because isn’t Gratitude one of the most overwhelming emotions we feel as a new mother? She shared with me how grateful she is for her long-awaited and very beautiful baby boy. Just look at this face – can’t you relate?

MM Slideshow01.jpgMM Slideshow1.jpgMM Slideshow2.jpgMM Slideshow3.jpgMM Slideshow4.jpgMM Slideshow5.jpgMM Slideshow6.jpgMM Slideshow7.jpgMM Slideshow8.jpgMM Slideshow9.jpg

{The above are pages from this little guy’s mini accordion album.}

Like me, I’m sure you want to know more about this mom’s intriguing job! With her permission, let me introduce you…

Lorraine Miller brings her passion for health, balance and gratitude to her clients. You can find out more about her services on her website Nourish by Nature, check out her books From Gratitude to Bliss and The Bliss Cleanse, and look into joining her upcoming group cleanse this fall.  I can tell you this: after an afternoon with this special lady, I was reminded to be more mindful of the abundance in my life and to practice expressing gratitude for all that I have – especially my family.


This little baby girl was perfectly precious in every way, especially in pink and pearls!

baby girl in pearls

How completely adorable (and rested-looking!) are these proud new parents?

proud parents of baby girl

A simple and classic black and white. A peacefully sleeping baby.


Mom had a fantastic assortment of headbands. You can already tell that this baby girl will have a great wardrobe!  Thanks, dad, for helping with this pose (for safety, the baby was supported at all times … this adorable head-in-hands pose is created with the help of Photoshop!)

baby girl with her head in her hands

I love a fun and colorful shot – and a nice change from the usual pink.

precious confetti

Thanks for sharing your little darling with me for an afternoon, I can’t wait to photograph her again!


Please say ‘Hello’ to this sweetheart.  She’s new here.

hello world

Her parents are having a great time getting to know her.

SIMPLICITY MOMMY Father and Daughter


I was so glad to make your acquaintance, Miss C! I hope to see you again, soon.

baby girl


I had an amazing time photographing this little baby and his big brother for a dear friend. Doesn’t big brother look proud?

Peaceful brothers


This newborn baby boy was so tiny, so cozy and so sweet. Peaceful baby in a basin

The lips! The soft neutral colors and soft textures. Sigh, I love this one. Peaceful sleep


I love the dramatic simplicity of this black and white portrait. You can imagine exactly how the baby might have been cocooned in the comfort of his mama’s belly! Peaceful