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Little Chef

Oh, I had such a fabulous time with this little guy.  He was in a rush to meet his parents, and arrived up several weeks early. But although he have been born on the tiny side, his smile completely filled the room.  And I’m guessing his abundant and crazy hair foreshadows a big personality!   I love the contrast of his tiny size in his dad’s big strong hands…

tattoo baby-1

As soon as the mom told me that the dad is a chef, I started dreaming up creative ways we could incorporate that into the photo shoot. We found a great chef’s hat and assembled a beautiful array of cooking related props… and voila!

Baby Chef

 All this posing got him verrrrry sleeeeepy… I just love this yawning photo!

yawning baby

And lastly, once he was really asleep, we were able to pose him for this sweet portrait*. I love how he looks lost in thought!

baby thinker

*poses like this are created by making a composite, for the baby’s safety! Thanks, Mom, for helping!

I enjoyed the pleasure of your company during our fun shoot! Can’t wait to see Mr. L again … soon!

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so filled with love today, and grateful for my wonderful family – which has recently grown by two beautiful babies, my son (now 4 months!) and my brand new niece. I couldn’t wait to take her pictures, and the timing was perfect to incorporate some Valentine’s love into the shoot.

Yes, I admit it – as a mom to 3 boys I love to break out the pink!  But stay tuned for more shots of this little lady, with no pink in sight. 🙂

Brothers in Blue

It’s always fun to see how big siblings respond to the new baby in the house, and this guy was so cute and excited! Just look at the sparkle in his eyes!

And who wouldn’t be excited about such a sweet little baby?  I loved how comfy he looked tucked into this great blue basket.

I moustache you a question: who’s the cutest baby? Here he looks all grown up and ready to go into the office. Maybe he’ll be a lawyer, like his parents!

Thanks for having a great sense of humor and letting me play with your guys. I can’t wait to see the brothers again.


I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy in the midst of the holiday season. Spending an afternoon with him was a sweet way to take a break from all the holiday madness!

I was really excited when the mom requested a shot with the baby and a football, to surprise the daddy. The baby was a real trooper and settled into a very peaceful sleep atop the ball. He must have football in his blood.


Baby boy asleep on a football

Snugly swaddled, he was happy to snooze in a cozy little nest. Content enough to show us a little smile!

Baby boy wrapped in green in a nest basket

Lastly, who can resist these eyes and lips?  This little guy just might be a player on and off the field! 🙂

Baby boy wide awake in green wrap

Thanks for letting me play with your All Star. Can’t wait to see him again!

Lil Bro

This family has become very special friends of ours, so I was thrilled when I heard they are going to have a second baby boy!

Here is the big brother, back when he was just a few months old:

3 month old boy - copyright Chickadee Photography

And the newest little man – we loved all of these images so I created a storyboard for his nursery.

I’m sure these two brothers will have as much fun together as mine do. Congratulations and I can’t wait to watch him turn into a handsome young man like his big brother.

Baby X

I had such a great time photographing this handsome little man.  No, Mr “X” is not the latest Bond character… X is his first initial and that’s just the first of many cool things about him. 🙂

When we began, he was awake but quite mellow, and I love this soulful expression!

I even got lucky with a few smiles!  This crate is one of my recent favorite finds.

One mustn’t miss out on the adorable naked shots!

I was so excited that the family brought along some props to incorporate. First up are two adorable hats made by Mr. X’s grandma. She has some serious talent (and yes I may be calling her to add to my studio prop stash!!)

Red, black and a skull – love it!

And finally – a favorite. They are collectors of vintage Pyrex and brought along this fun bowl to incorporate into the shoot. I love being able to incorporate things that are unique to the family.  (Please note this is a composite shot, mom’s hands kept baby nice and secure!)

Thanks for letting me snuggle your sweetheart, and I hope to see him again very soon!


Sweet Siblings

I really love seeing the same families over and over. Recently I got to see another one of my very first newborns looking all grown-up as he welcomed his new baby sister to the family!

Here is Mr C when I first met him:

And now, quite the personality!

He was very sweet to his new little sister…

She is perfectly adorable in every way!

Don’t you love these beautiful neutral tones? She looks so angelic.

Congratulations, N Family, on these two beautiful children!

A is for Adorable

One of my favorite little models is now a big sister!  Remember this little beauty?? She’s really growing up.

I was not surprised at all when her new little brother was also a perfect poser. Isn’t he adorable?  Loving the little foot peeking out. xoxo

And finally – I love this little face and tiny fingers. I had so much fun snuggling you, Mr. A!

Congratulations and I can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Birthday Girl

It was such a delight to see little Miss M again after meeting her family during my holiday sessions last fall. This time we were celebrating her first birthday!

Nothing like a colorful birthday banner to get the festivities started…

She’s this close to walking on her own!  But for now, mom and dad lend a hand.

Big sister joins in the fun…

Looking very pretty in pink!

And finally, a sailor girl shot inspired by mom’s own baby pictures. She was thrilled to take a ride on this vintage rocking boat!

Thanks for letting me be part of your birthday celebrations 🙂  I can’t wait to see you again.

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First Easter

I was so happy to be able to squeeze this little guy in last month before I went on vacation. I think this post was worth waiting for, because Easter Sunday just seemed like the perfect day to share this adorable photo!  The bunny and the hat and blanket were gifts from his grandmothers and I think I can tell from the smile on his face that he likes them!


A very masculine gray-on-gray combination looks great on this guy.

Oh how I love my fire babies! It’s been a while since I had a firefighter dad in the studio – and I just love how sweet and comfy he looks in his dad’s fire helmet!

And lastly, enjoy this very peaceful looking shot. I won’t tell you what our dear Baby B did right after this… but if you can imagine getting sprayed by a fire hose, you’d be close…  LOL!

Have a very Happy First Easter!