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This little baby girl was perfectly precious in every way, especially in pink and pearls!

baby girl in pearls

How completely adorable (and rested-looking!) are these proud new parents?

proud parents of baby girl

A simple and classic black and white. A peacefully sleeping baby.


Mom had a fantastic assortment of headbands. You can already tell that this baby girl will have a great wardrobe!  Thanks, dad, for helping with this pose (for safety, the baby was supported at all times … this adorable head-in-hands pose is created with the help of Photoshop!)

baby girl with her head in her hands

I love a fun and colorful shot – and a nice change from the usual pink.

precious confetti

Thanks for sharing your little darling with me for an afternoon, I can’t wait to photograph her again!

All Heart

This family was so blessed, a handsome big brother and a precious baby girl. What an angel! Her eyes are just gorgeous.

The older brother was so sweet, and look how handsome!

And finally the parents, as they celebrate the birth of their little girl. I could tell, their hearts are truly full.

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LTB (little tiny baby)

I love to ask parents what their nickname was for their baby back when he or she was in the womb. I had to smile when they told me they called this pretty young thing “LTB” for “Little Tiny Baby”. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this little one’s arrival after having done mom’s maternity session (images to come!).  I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the session – she was a dream!

I made this delicate little crown and I simply adore it on her. Sooo sweet!

As soon as I heard the baby’s nursery had a lamb theme, I envisioned this shot. Of course, her sweetness made it even better than I imagined!

Being a new mom is such a blur, so I always love it when moms are ready to be in the pics with the new babies. This mom wasn’t planning on getting in front of the camera, but when I suggested this shot, she was all for it (or maybe just happy for the chance to lay down and snuggle for a moment LOL). But seriously – family photography is about capturing connections and I don’t think you can find a sweeter, more tender moment than this. It made us all cry!

Enjoy your little tiny baby! Someday she won’t be so tiny and you’ll have these pictures to remember those sweet first days of getting to know each other.

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D is for Darling

Mr. D was darling, delightful and utterly delicious.

Drowsily drifting, then deeply dreaming.

And dearly loved by devoted parents!

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This little guy was so sweet and easy going – and one minute after you meet his parents you realize where he gets it from. Thanks to the P family – I hope to see you again soon!

I love both of these photos on their own merits, and even more positioned together.  Little C is so absolutely happy in mom and dad’s loving embrace. (Click to see more detail.)

Lastly, I was thrilled my darling model settled so easily into every pose we tried, including in this new prop (an antique firkin I picked up at a antiques fair). What a dream baby, I hope he sleeps as well at home for mom and dad.

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That Glow

This session achieved what I’d hoped – to capture the warmth and excitement of an expectant mother.  And yet it was so much more than that: the mother is a dear friend, I adore photographing her children, and she’s expecting not one but TWO darling additions to her family.

The older siblings guess if mom is carrying a boy or a girl. Surprise! It’s both.

It will come as no surprise that I CANNOT WAIT to photograph these twins when they arrive! Stay tuned, it won’t be long now. 🙂

Tough Guy

This newborn session started with low expectations. The mom told me, “I’m not sure we’re really going to get anything, he’s fussy and is hard to get to sleep and fights the swaddle. I guess we’ll just try to get a few shots.”

I talked the mom into coming for a session anyway and planned to try my best. Well – thanks to my MAD baby soothing skills (LOL – and a measure of good luck), Mr. Tough Guy turned into the cutest little moosh and it became into one of my best sessions! There are so many images I love, I couldn’t even decide what to post.

I love this storyboard with so many different expressions… click to enlarge!

Thanks to the B family for having faith in me 🙂

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We are Family

Well, it’s November, so I must be up to my eyeballs in holiday photo sessions! I can’t wait to share with you everything I’ve been up to, but in the meantime I just had to post some pictures from a great family session from last month.

We got some wonderful images of these handsome brothers, and the whole family as well. I love it when the parents not only agree to – but want! – to be in the pictures (sometimes, it’s like pulling teeth…). You’re part of the family too, Mom and Dad, and when your kids look back on pictures of their childhood, they’ll want to see you, and love seeing how you interacted with them. Besides, do you really want them to miss out on the opportunity to exclaim over how YOUNG you looked waaaay back when? LOL


PS in case you need reminding: Sometimes, you need to to get a picture of yourselves without the kids! Because after all, you’re still a couple at the end of your hectic day. I love capturing the moments BETWEEN the planned shots – what you get is natural, authentic and full of life. Just like these guys…

If you didn’t get any family or couple portraits this year – put it on your resolution list for 2012. Your kids will be glad you did.

Thanks to the L family for being such great sports!

An Irish Blessing

I was so happy to be asked by the N family to photograph their new addition, a sweet baby boy, and his older siblings. We started in the studio to capture Mr. K in all his sweet, tiny newborn glory.

Then we went to the family’s lovely home – and during our afternoon together captured some beautiful images. I can tell you –  they are as sweet as they look here. They were so proud of their little brother, and doesn’t he look adorable nestled into this vintage pram? I love the light here, and how the leaves frame the scene.

Now this Irish family is blessed with two precious boys and two precious girls.  I am so proud of this shot because it showcases each child’s beauty as well as the bond between them.

And so I would like to conclude with an Irish Blessing for Mr. K and his siblings.

May God give you…
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

I hope to see you all again very soon!


It was so much fun to meet this family and their two beautiful daughters. The eldest had a little purse of treasures she called her “magic” – so I knew she’d just go nuts for fairy wings.

The only trouble was getting her take them off… but this shot is soooo adorable, I’m glad we did!

It was clear how she took her new role of big sister quite seriously

Finally, a great shot of the parents with the little one. What a stunning new mama!

Thanks for a fun afternoon with your family.