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Nature Walk

After Labor Day goes by, your mentality seems to shift from summer to fall overnight. That’s why I’m really enjoying looking back at this session – and I had a blast photographing this mom and her two kids on a warm summer day.

She’s an avid gardener (read her fabulous blog, Gardening and Gardens!), so a lifestyle session where the kids could take a nature walk and explore the trees, gardens and pond was a perfect setting. Mom wanted to just preserve her kids as they are – and freed from the posing and pressure of the perfect shot, we all had a marvelous time.

WKids_blog-1.jpgCK duo.jpgleaf peekaboo.jpgJK Duo.jpgWKids_blog-2.jpg


A Walk in the Park

You may remember my post about this family a few months ago when we shot in the studio and celebrated the arrival of the littlest baby brother. We were finally able to reschedule our outdoor session, and had a great morning filled with lots of wonderful captures, including this timeless family portrait. As a side note, let me point out how navy and khaki are a great portrait combination!

I’m so glad the parents let me take each of the older boys on a short walk for some individual shots – you can see the results speak for themselves (calling GQ… watch for these two heartbreakers in a decade or two!)

Thanks for another great session, K family, and I look forward to watching your boys grow even bigger and more handsome as time goes by!

Little Bear

This little guy was beyond sweet and his parents were really relaxed and fun to be around – thanks for a great session and enjoy your sneak peek!

These photos really melt my heart. A little bear, a little smile & a lot of love. 🙂


PS…. once this post reaches 25 comments, the family gets a free 8×10… so please drop a note and let us know you were here! (One comment per person, please.)

Happy Father’s Day

I hope everyone had an amazing Father’s Day – we had a great day with our two boys. I just love watching my husband play with and care for them, it makes me fall in love all over again.

I was inspired to gather some of my favorite shots of dads and kids… I really love these captures, because at photo shoots, dads are often all business and logistics. But when you try to let them forget about the camera and catch them interacting with their kids, that spark really comes through. Whether it’s tenderness, playfulness or a quiet moment, those connections are so meaningful.  Just be sure to capture them! You don’t need me to tell how how fast they grow. 🙂

dad and newborn.jpgFall Walk.jpgKiss.jpg3boys.jpgSilhouette.jpgNB on Arm.jpgNC dad baby.jpghead in  hands.jpgSilhouette at Beach.jpg

Spring into Life

I had the pleasure of meeting this family last week, who just welcomed their fourth child. All of the children are just beautiful and it was a real treat to shoot outdoors, at their lovely home.  Thanks for braving the bit of drizzle and flashing me these great smiles. Ladies, first:

Big brother is a hockey player, so it was fun to capture him with his gear:

The green grass and flowering trees were not the only signs of spring and new life — the family was clearly overjoyed with their newest addition, a little brother. It was sweet to see how much the older siblings love him already.  After all the excitement outdoors, he was happy to settle into a nap in the warm and cozy studio.

Enjoy your growing family, and thanks for letting me capture Baby T during these first special weeks.

PS…. once this post reaches 25 comments, the family gets a free 8×10… so please drop a note and let us know you were here! (One comment per person, please.)

A Mother’s Love

One of the most wonderful parts of being a photographer is having the opportunity to capture a family’s love. So I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to share with you some of my favorite moments featuring a mother and child.  I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day and were blessed to spend it with your loved ones.










This family was so much fun and were totally relaxed in front of the camera, what a treat!  There were so many spontaneous moments of laughter, especially when mom and dad were tickling 2 1/2 year old Mr. D, that I couldn’t resist putting together a storyboard of these shots. This would be perfect hanging in his room, don’t you think?

He had his serious moments, too… like when he was playing a bit of cat-and-mouse with me. I love the expression here. Melts my heart.

Just when you think a child is absolutely done with pictures, break out a cardboard playhouse. It immediately sparks the imagination and we had a blast watching D go in and out; he even made us some pretend coffee in the imaginary kitchen – what a gentleman.

More pictures to come, but for now enjoy your sneak peek, B family!


This family is very special to me. They supported and encouraged me while I was building my portfolio and this is my second year photographing them for their holiday portraits. I loved seeing how the kids grew and changed over the past year.  I hope to remain their family photographer for years to come!  The title of this post, “Warmth”, encompasses both the warm fall colors of that pretty November day and the warmth that this family shares with one another.

The youngest, J, is a complete sweetheart. The allure of wide open spaces prevented him from wanting to stay still for pictures – until, all of a sudden, he just plunked down and said “Cheese!”  Acting fast, I was able to snap this beautiful image. With young kids, it’s all about being ready!

2 year old portrait

Miss K is so sweet and helpful with her brothers and always gives me the prettiest smiles. Her blue eyes really light up the color images, but for some reason, I just really love this one in black and white.

Finally, G holds a very special place in my heart. When his mom told me last year that he is autistic, I knew it would be a challenge to get photographs with eye contact or smiles. While I’m no expert at photographing children with special needs, I applied the same principles as I do with all the kids — just let them be themselves and slowly work your way into their trust and their space. Therefore, even if this image is perhaps not the most “perfect” – it perfectly captures this handsome boy in a way that is rare and special.

And finally the whole family together. Can anyone say, “Christmas Card”?

It’s a pleasure working with you, D family!  Have a wonderful holiday season.


I have had the pleasure of knowing this family for more than two years, and watching our sons play and grow together. They were recently blessed with another son and I couldn’t wait to capture the whole family.  First, meet Mr. K – he has the most gorgeous eyes!

You can just feel the love and connections between the family, I love how they are looking at each other here.

Have you ever seen such a lovely new mother?

Finally, father and mother and baby, in a very tender moment.

Congratulations and thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family!