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Biker Baby

I have to tell you – I was so excited when I was told that this baby’s dad is a Harley rider. We had so much fun integrating dad’s jacket and some fun mustache prints into the shoot!  Dad is going to LOVE this!

The first shot of the session & I knew we were in for a good time! 

I always fall in love with smooshy lips!

I love this basket -it simultaneously has an industral ‘edge’ and a charm that will work in his grandma’s country-style home. Plus it’s fun to write messages on the plaque!

Oh my gosh, this print just makes me smile. Little Mustache baby!! Click to enlarge:

I love personalizing each shoot to the family’s interests… what fun things could I do with your family? Contact me & let me know!

PS. The family will receive a free gift if this post reaches 25 comments, so please leave a note to say you were here – and send this link along to your friends!

Happy Earth Day

After such a long, snowy winter, signs of spring are finally showing up.  It makes you think about the resilience of nature and our responsibility to protect our planet’s delicate balance. Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22, 2011. Check out this list of local Long Island Earth Day activities, running tomorrow, this weekend and next week!

You know what else spring means? We can finally start getting OUTSIDE for portrait sessions!  It’s a beautiful time of year to take photographs of your family or children. Long Island is rich with beautiful parks and estates and I know lots of places that would be the perfect backdrop for your photo session. Contact me to schedule an appointment – weekends are filling up.

And in the meantime, I wanted to share these images of green leaves and blossoms as a way to celebrate Earth Day. I am a fan of macro photography (i.e. super closeups) because it lets you appreciate all of the intricate details like a leaf, flower or water droplet. At this level, even those pesky dandelions are kind of cool looking. Enjoy!

EarthDay-tulip.jpgEarth Day-droplets.jpgEarth Day-purple.jpgEarth Day-green.jpgEarth Day - dandelions.jpg