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Mint Julep, Anyone?

A local parents’ organization- The Parent Resource Center – is planning a Kentucky Derby themed fundraising party. One of the key elements to the “Derby” look is wearing a big hat or fascinator. A local accessories designer, ByTina Designs, put together a beautiful collection for the occasion, and I had a great time photographing her creations on two stunning models.

Derby Girls

These girls never tired of changing dresses, makeup, jewelery and accessories — and they kept flashing me these gorgeous smiles again and again.  Browse the images below to see the variety of ways you can style your Derby look!


Lovely Living Room

It was such a pleasure working with interior designer Jennifer Markowitz of JNR Designs  – I was so excited to photograph the space she designed. I shot the room using the abundant natural light, and you can really appreciate all of the colors and textures through these images.

Jennifer’s work is simultaneously chic and relaxed, beautiful to look at and easy to live in. Can’t you imagine curling up to read a book, drink a cup of coffee or visit with family in this sun-drenched and cheerful room?


Prop Shopping

Have you ever been to the Brimfield Antiques Show in Brimfield MA? It is an antiques lover’s paradise, miles and miles of huge tents of treasures for the intrepid hunter of all things old, quirky, rare and special. It’s also the perfect place to hunt down special and unique props for my photo shoots.

My mom and I went together, and sometimes people would overhear us asking each other, “Do you think a baby would fit in that?” and think us VERY strange! LOL.  Soon I’ll be posting a newborn baby boy image featuring one of my finds!

Brimfield Antiques Show

I’m tempted to go back next month… the next show is September 3-8, then it won’t happen again until May 2014.  You can find more info on these two websites: and  Happy Treasure Hunting!


After the crazy heat wave we just had, the pouring rain yesterday was a relief, wasn’t it? The massive puddles reminded me to dig out these shots I took of my son splashing in rain puddles last month (when it was much, much cooler – which is why he’s wearing jeans). Although he was decked out in his adorable rain gear, he still couldn’t resist sitting down in the puddles and getting completely soaked. It was totally worth it for all the fun and smiles (and fierce faces too, which always make me laugh).

Jake Rain Collage_sm2.jpg

Happy Earth Day

After such a long, snowy winter, signs of spring are finally showing up.  It makes you think about the resilience of nature and our responsibility to protect our planet’s delicate balance. Earth Day is tomorrow, April 22, 2011. Check out this list of local Long Island Earth Day activities, running tomorrow, this weekend and next week!

You know what else spring means? We can finally start getting OUTSIDE for portrait sessions!  It’s a beautiful time of year to take photographs of your family or children. Long Island is rich with beautiful parks and estates and I know lots of places that would be the perfect backdrop for your photo session. Contact me to schedule an appointment – weekends are filling up.

And in the meantime, I wanted to share these images of green leaves and blossoms as a way to celebrate Earth Day. I am a fan of macro photography (i.e. super closeups) because it lets you appreciate all of the intricate details like a leaf, flower or water droplet. At this level, even those pesky dandelions are kind of cool looking. Enjoy!

EarthDay-tulip.jpgEarth Day-droplets.jpgEarth Day-purple.jpgEarth Day-green.jpgEarth Day - dandelions.jpg

My Funny Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!   I had SO MUCH fun photographing these kids and putting together valentine cards for each of them.  Enjoy the show!


I would like to thank all of the designers who generously shared their Valentine templates, especially Florabella Collection and other talented contributors in the photography community. Also, please note that I changed all names to maintain privacy.   I hope everyone has a very happy hearts day!

Make a Note of it

Ever since I started designing holiday cards and birth announcements, I’ve been hooked on the joy of personalized stationery.  That’s why, when it came time to write this year’s thank-you notes, I decided to add a personal touch to those as well.

Sending handwritten notes shows your loved ones how much they mean to you, and they’ll see your individuality shine through when your note is like no other. I can design personal note cards, thank you notes, moving announcements or any other custom stationery your family may need. Of course, designs can also incorporate photographs from your session, and be made to coordinate with a birth announcement (stay tuned for a gorgeous example coming soon).

Here are the cards I designed for my own family… you won’t mind I changed the names.

For the grown-ups, I wanted to make a bold statement with a Moroccan pattern:

For the big boy, I chose to feature his silhouette. Although this was scanned from a cut-paper silhouette by a real silhouette artist, I can also make silhouettes from photographs.

And for the baby, I wanted to show how tiny he was at birth by showcasing his actual foot print, which I made the old-fashioned way by inking his foot. (Later I scanned the print into photoshop and ensured sure the print on the finished cards was the right scale).

If you like to receive a sample, simply send a gift and you’ll receive a thank-you note! 🙂  Kidding aside, I am happy to discuss your ideas and develop custom stationery for you and your family members.  Personalized notes are also a great gift that is timeless and sure to be used and appreciated!





Shoot the Moon

Well, it’s quite a departure from photographing families and children, but I couldn’t resist trying to capture the full lunar eclipse on Monday night. It was the first total lunar eclipse in 3 years, the last one of this year, and the last one on the winter solstice since 1638! (If you like these kinds of facts as much as I do, check out this page on wikipedia).

Starting around 2 am, I set up my tripod on my front lawn and began taking pictures of the progression of the earth’s shadow across the moon. It was freezing cold but the air was clear, there was just a little haze in the atmosphere. It was an amazing feeling, watching this phenomenon unfold in the quiet of night.  The holidays are wonderful but crazy, so it was nice to take a breath and contemplate the truly BIG picture for a moment.

As the light of the moon is blotted out, the moon appears red. It is thrilling, but makes you think just how terrifying it must have been to people before they understood what was really happening!

Just as the eclipse reached is fullest point, clouds started to roll in. That, and the fact that my hands were almost too frozen to operate my camera, told me it was time to go to my warm bed.  If you missed it, don’t worry — there will be two more chances to see total lunar eclipses in 2011 – on June 15 and December 10.  Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!